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IndustriAll Europe and SEA Europe agree on joint priorities ahead of the 2024 EU elections

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European Blue Technology Fund

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SEA Europe Event on Maritime Industrial Strategy, European Parliament

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Director Trade and Competitiveness

1. Contract details

  • Contractual status: Full-time employee
  • Contractual duration: Unlimited period
  • Fonction: Director Trade and Competitiveness
  • Location: Rue de la Loi, 67 (4th floor), Brussels, Belgium
  • Company/Employer: SEA Europe VZW/ASBL
  • Starting Date: ASAP
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Company Description:

SEA Europe – the Shipyards’ and Maritime Equipment Association of Europe, Norway, Turkey, and Ukraine – is the voice of European shipyards and maritime equipment manufacturers ( The industry is also known as “maritime technology industry”. 

SEA Europe promotes and supports enterprises which are involved in the design, construction, maintenance, retrofitting, and repair of all types of ships and maritime structures, including the complete supply chain of systems, equipment, technologies, and services. SEA Europe represents its members towards the EU institutions as well as towards international organisations, including the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in London and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris. Finally, SEA Europe is recognised by the European Commission as the association representing the employers in the maritime technology industry. In this capacity, SEA Europe sits on behalf of the industry’s employers in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair. 

The maritime technology industry is a key enabler of Europe’s defence, strategic maritime autonomy, international trade, energy transition, energy independence, and Blue Economy Growth (including marine renewable energy). With an annual turnover of €128 billion and more than 1 million jobs, the maritime technology industry is a key sector for economic value and job creation in Europe’s maritime regions. 

3. SEA Market Monitoring and Trade (SEA MM&T)

Firstly, SEA MM&T monitors market developments relating to shipyards and maritime equipment industry, both globally and in Europe. These market developments are presented to EU policymakers, SEA Europe members (both associations and companies) and other relevant stakeholders. Twice a year, these developments are laid down in statistical reports, known as “SEA Europe Market Monitoring Reports”. Secondly, SEA MM&T discusses and/or takes positions on a wide variety of trade-related topics as well as on trade distortions. Finally, SEA MM&T prepares SEA Europe’s positions for the OECD’s Shipbuilding Working Party in Paris and for the annual EU/China Shipbuilding Dialogue (where SEA Europe is part of the official European delegation).

4. SEA Market Forecast (SEA MF)

Firstly, SEA MF carries out market forecasts and issues regular studies on technical issues (such as newbuilding requirements; CGT coefficient; and shipbuilding capacities) to provide the best possible guidance for long-term planning to member-companies. Secondly, SEA MF represents the interests of Europe’s shipyards and maritime equipment industry at international level and takes part at international forecasting groups, including ISFEM (the annual international meeting of shipbuilding market forecast experts from Europe, China, South Korea, and Japan). Finally, SEA MF is an internationally well-known actor and is often invited by international organisations (e.g., OECD) to participate in meetings and/or give presentations on market forecasts.

5. SEA Finance

Firstly, SEA Finance monitors the developments of the financial market and provides expertise for exploring the possibility of establishing EU wide instruments to increase the volume of financing which European shipyards and maritime equipment manufacturers can take advantage of. Secondly, SEA Finance identifies existing and/or new financial instruments that fit the interests of the maritime technology industry as well as entry barriers for institutional investors, whilst demonstrating the industry’s high standards on Corporate Social Responsibility. Finally, SEA Finance analyses how funds of institutions, such as the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Regional Development, can be harnessed and/or unlocked to the benefit of the maritime technology industry.

6. Mission

The Director Trade and Competitiveness will report to the Secretary General on the following matters:

  • State aid and competitiveness.
  • Trade (defence) matters at WTO and EU level.
  • EU financing instruments, including European Investment Bank
  • OECD; EU/China Shipbuilding Dialogue; ISFEM; JECKU.
  • Market developments (both market monitoring and market forecast).

The Director Trade and Competitiveness will have the following tasks:

  • Monitor market developments and prepare market monitoring and market forecast reports, in close cooperation with the members of the market monitoring and trade working group and those of the market forecast working group.
  • Analyse international and European policy documents in relation to the afore-mentioned matters.
  • Analyse stakeholders’ position papers on the afore-mentioned matters and build cooperations with relevant stakeholders on these matters.
  • Prepare SEA Europe briefing notes, analyses, and position papers on the afore-mentioned matters.
  • Prepare draft agendas, notes on agenda, and meeting minutes of the working group falling under the Director’s responsibility, notably SEA Market Monitoring and Trade WG; SEA Market Forecast WG; SEA Finance WG.
  • Lobby international and EU decision-makers and stakeholders on the afore-mentioned matters.
  • Participate to meetings in Brussels, in EU Member States and abroad (outside EU) on the afore-mentioned matters.

7. Profile

  • You hold a university degree, preferably in law or economics.
  • You have more than 10 years of professional experience.
  • You have a solid understanding of the EU institutions.
  • You have a good understanding of international politics and international organisations, in particular relating to trade and competitiveness.
  • You are fluent in English (SEA Europe’s working language) and have a solid knowledge of another EU language. Knowledge of French and/or German is an asset.
  • You have good communication skills, both oral and written.
  • You can work autonomously and against very tight deadlines.
  • You are able and confident to work in a very demanding international environment with different cultures and economic interests.
  • You can work in a small team and have excellent interpersonal skills.
  • You are flexible and prepared to do work outside your normal tasks.

8. How to Apply:

Please send your up-to-date CV and a cover letter detailing how your profile matches the requirements of this position to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by latest 15 July 2023.